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Surat Waterbodies

Updated: Feb 1

Surat is ranked 2nd largest city of Gujarat in terms of Area and Population with area of 326.51 sq km. There are various talavs, lakes which are in natural & well-maintained public lakes condition at present in Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) limit area. There are 195 nos of lakes in the city limits as per records in SMC.

Study aims to do Field survey and GIS mapping of lakes with integration of supporting data. Supporting data includes reservation of lake in SMC record, maps of Gamtal area, Development plans of Surat. The GPS locations were stored from field survey and the shape file was generated using AR CGIS software. The ownership data were categorised in title of Government of Gujarat, SMC, SUDA. The GPS coordinates and supporting data were used to finalise lake location.

Water Scarcity

We have addressed the issue of water scarcity which may arise in coming future to our city. We have mapped all the water bodies of surat district and calculated its water holding capacity which can help us to predict future water supply and demand scenario

Other benefits of Water bodies

• Beautifying the landscape

• Making fresh produce accessible

• Cleaning up the environment

• Building stronger communities

• Opportunities for learning

• Relieving stress and increasing wellness.

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