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Delivering Elegance has been our forte since beginning

Updated: Mar 15

Here is our recent handover luxurious 4BHK project. The world of interior design is a constantly evolving one, with new trends and styles emerging all the time.

This beautiful home of Mr. Pragnesh Sheth and Family at Athwa, Surat has its own visual and spatial mood. The furnishings and decor are inspired by minimal contemporary elements punctuated with warm finishes. The living of this home is spacious comprising a beige sectional sofa. The dining room gets a custom six-seater dining yet gives the room a luxurious feel suitable in a particular situation for its purpose. A cascading cluster of pendant lights adds drama and draws visual interest. In the kitchen, cream cabinetry accommodates the built-in appliances and gives this area a sleek look. The bedrooms are done in an interesting finish and create a cosy and comfortable retreat.

Maintaining their requirements and taste, we delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule.

Working with Mr. Pragnesh was truly a positive experience. Their enthusiasm for the

project and dedication to the outcome made us feel confident in delivering our best.


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