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160 Street Residence Apartment

As a detail designer for 160 Street Residence Apartment  innovative Mixed building, I am excited to introduce a project that seamlessly integrates both commercial and residential functionalities. Situated at a prime location, this development is meticulously designed to optimize space utilization and cater to the diverse needs of its occupants.

The ground floor of the building is dedicated to commercial spaces, featuring three stylish and functional shops. Each shop is carefully designed to offer a prime location for businesses, with strategic layouts and attractive storefronts that contribute to the overall architectural appeal. This commercial aspect not only adds vibrancy to the building but also creates a dynamic environment that engages visitors and enhances the surrounding community.

Transitioning seamlessly above the commercial spaces, the building houses residential units on the upper floors. These units provide a serene retreat for residents, offering a mix of modern living spaces ranging from cozy apartments to spacious penthouses. Our design approach prioritizes comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that residents experience a high quality of life while enjoying the convenience of living in a mixed-use development.

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