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Sherwood Park represents a visionary approach to multifunctional spaces, seamlessly integrating three distinct buildings on a single site. At its core lies the Sherwood Peak Hotel, a beacon of comfort and luxury boasting 134 meticulously designed rooms. The hotel's elegant architecture and top-notch service ensure a memorable stay, offering guests a serene retreat from the ordinary hustle and bustle.

Complementing the hotel is the Residence component of Sherwood Park, providing not just accommodation but a sense of community and belonging. With 150 well-appointed rooms and flats, the Residence caters to individuals seeking long-term or permanent residence options. The design ethos of this component prioritizes creating a welcoming environment where residents can truly feel at home, fostering social interactions and a sense of camaraderie among occupants. Sherwood Park's innovative design and thoughtful execution make it a standout project that redefines the boundaries of functionality and aesthetics in urban developments.

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