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Softvolute Buildcon LLP

Interior design and build company. let's start your dream home with us.

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Terms & Conditions 

1. Scope of Services:

1.1 Softvolute Buildcon LLP agrees to provide interior design services as outlined in the project proposal and any subsequent agreements.

2. Client Responsibilities:

2.1. The client agrees to provide accurate and timely information required for the project. 2.2.The client is responsible for obtaining any necessary approvals, permits, or permissions related to the project.

3.Design Process:

3.1. Softvolute Buildcon LLP will present design concepts to the client for approval.

3.2. The client will have the opportunity to request reasonable revisions during the design development phase.

3.3.During execution there will not be any changes acceptable.  

4. Payments:

4.1. Booking value - 10%

share your need, dreams and budget with our expert designers, Receive a quick and transparent estimate tailored paying just 10%. Let's Bring your vision to life.

4.2. After design phase - 20%

our team meticulously measures and assesses your home, ensuring every detail is considering. work closely with our designers to something truly amazing personal to you. 

4.3. Before production - 30%

collaborate with your designer to curate the perfect décor while your home is under construction. your design undergo 51 quality checks and steps to ensure hygiene. 

4.4.Before dispatch - 35%

prior to shopping paying balance payment and your meticulously crafted designs will be on their way elevate your space with designcafe.

4.5. 1 Week within handover - 5 %

Watch as our dedicated team brings your home to life.

4.6. A 10% non-refundable deposit is required before commencing work.

4.7. Progress payments will be invoiced at specific milestones, as outlined in the project proposal.

 4.8 Final payment is due upon completion of the project.

5. Changes and Revisions:

5.1. Changes to the project scope or design requirements may result in additional charges. 5.2. Softvolute Buildcon LLP will communicate any impact on the project timeline or budget due to client-requested changes.

6. Intellectual Property:

6.1. All design concepts, drawings, and documents produced by Softvolute Buildcon LLP remain the intellectual property of the firm until full payment is received.

6.2. Upon full payment, the client has the right to use the design for the intended purpose.

7. Confidentiality:

7.1. Both parties agree to keep confidential any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the course of the project.

8. Termination:

8.1. Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice in the event of a material breach by the other party.

9. Force Majeure:

9.1. Softvolute Buildcon LLP is not liable for delays or failures in performance caused by events beyond its control.

10. Dispute Resolution:

10.1. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with [Arbitration Rules].

11. Miscellaneous:

11.1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between SOftvolute Buildcon LLP and the client.

11.2. Any amendments must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Refund policy:

We cannot pay return in any case.

Cancellation policy 

After design stage approval project cannot be cancelled 

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+91 9998038595

Surat Location

302 Union trade center, near apple hospital, Udhana Darwaja, Surat.

Ahmedabad Location

SF 9, Times square -2, near Sindhu Bhavan road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad.

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